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Hello Roost Babes! I am so excited to get this blog kicked off. Let me start out by introducing myself, I am Abby Long one of the owners of The Roost Boutique. I grew up in the Panhandle in a small town called Plainview, Tx. I moved here to San Angelo to go to college 13 years ago and have since gotten married, started a family and opened a boutique. My husband Chase and my two kids Beckett and Georgia are 100% my support system. I could not do this without them, especially my husband who supports my dream and is super dad when I have to go on my market trips. I may have opened a boutique 5 years go but my journey didn't start there. Since I was 16 I have worked in a boutique or retail of some sort, I have worked other jobs in between but have always gone back to the retail world. I have had so many women mentors on this boutique journey that have led to where The Roost Boutique is today. Retail has evolved over the years and online shopping is a huge part of that. Although, I love the convenience of clicking a button and getting that cute sweater youʼve been searching for, brick and mortar and face to face customer interaction is my jam. I love getting to know you, your family and your style. It truly is why I do what I do. You may not catch me editing our website or taking our pictures but you will catch me rearranging the store, helping you pick out that perfect outfit or behind the scenes getting ready for the next season. So, now that you have a peek into how I got started in the industry lets get into my style and how I pair certain pieces that compliment my life style.

I truly love so many different styles from boho, trendy, basic and chic. I typically dress for my mood and what I will be doing that day. So if Iʼm doing my daily routine of taking kids to school, stopping by the cute coffee house where I live in Christoval and then heading to the store to start my day I will wear something trendy, casual and comfortable. The two outfits I chose for our shoot were a classic striped sweater paired with trendy overalls to add a funky flare and then I paired the same sweater with classic skinnies and dressy over the knee boots that I would wear on a date night with the hubs or to dinner with some girlfriends. I would also wear that sweater with distressed jeans and cute sneakers or flat booties. One sweater, three different looks. I tend to choose pieces that I could wear multiple ways. I dress for the most part very casual and I love wearing a trend with something that is classic and that I may have had for years.

I know fashion can be materialistic sometimes but to me its all about how I feel other than how I may look. If I have on an outfit that makes me feel comfortable and put together my whole day is better. I feel confident to take on whatever comes my way. And that is exactly what my goal is with having this boutique. To make ya'll feel like your best self. To provide cute, practical, trendy and affordable styles that will make you feel great. I hope this blog is a place where ya'll can come and get ideas, tips and inspiration. Between myself, my business partner Jen Biggs and our employees aka the Roost Babes, we all have different styles. So stay tuned for the next post!

My favorite fashion bloggers are @almost_readyblog and @sarahknuth.

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  • Love it! ❤️

    Anica on
  • Love it! ❤️

    Anica on
  • This is amazing! Oh my goodness I loved reading your very first blog post and can’t wait for more to come. I think this is definitely the start to something very good! Miss you so much!
    Xoxo, bray

    Braylea on

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