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Hey Roost Babes!!! My name is Addison Slaton, but you can call me Addi for short :) I have been working at The Roost Boutique for almost a year and a half now!

A little bit about myself: I was born and raised in San Angelo and I am currently a senior in high school at Christoval part time and a cosmetology student at Howard part time. I will be attending Texas Tech University in the fall of 2019 where I will be majoring in Interior Design.

I consider fashion to be a form of design. Design to me is much more than just the clothes you put on. It’s an art form of hair, makeup, accessories, and fixtures (hence the cosmetology license and interior design major). The best thing about good fashion is that you do not have to be banking to have style!!! One of my favorite things to do is to hit up GoodWill or search through some old pieces in my closet and revamp them to fit trends now-a-days! However, fashion and design is nothing without confidence. I suggest that someone wear the specific clothes, makeup and hairstyle that makes them feel the prettiest and their most sparkly self! I am not one to always follow the trends because I love doing my own thing and creating my own art form! Therefore, I will wear whatever it is that makes me feel good, no matter if it is considered the “in” thing or not.

Moving onto my style…. My style or design is a mixture of many diverse categories. I really enjoy dressing up super girly, but I also love the rustic west texas girl style! Sometimes I love a good casual boho chic look. Other times you will find me looking like a bum college girl with my oversized tshirt and leggings! ;) But in every single one of these categories of clothing choices, I style them with a little bit of makeup and accessories that make me feel ‘Blake Lively’ confident and my most sparkly self! (which is so important)

Photoshoot Choices: The outfits that I chose for the photoshoot consisted of some basic pieces that you can mix-n-match and pair with many other pieces! My two favorite things in the world right now are stripes and flares :))) In my first outfit I chose a white and black striped cropped sweater from Marshalls and paired it with the comfiest denim flare jeans from The Roost! I accessorized with some platform espadrilles sandals, a gold star choker and some bracelets all from The Roost. In my second outfit all I changed was my bottoms- from the rustic flares to a more casual chic blue/black wash mini skirt (another one of my staple pieces that can be paired with so much) The skirt is from Target!

I get most of my ideas from fashion and beauty bloggers and the OG, pinterest! A few of my fave bloggers/ insta babes are…

@aspynovard @barefootblonde @nicoleapolson @brittanymorgantrent @gypsyjordy @maciethomas @rileythomas3 @tayloralexa @jordanleedooley @kaseyrayton @sav.labrant @blakelively @sarahbelleelizabeth

Some of my favorite shops are, THE ROOST BOUTIQUE, Target, Marshalls, GoodWill, Charlotte Russe, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Sephora, Ulta, Pink Door Boutique

Thanks for reading!!! Love y’all

Xoxo, A :)

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