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Hi everyone! My name is Cassie Rathmell, I am from Miles, TX, and I have been working at the Roost for a few months. I am currently a student at Angelo State University pursuing a degree in education. I have always loved shopping and appreciate a great outfit. However, I have not always understood everything that goes into fashion but working at the Roost has taught me so much!

I think social media has really changed the face of fashion. I love following fashion bloggers and boutiques on Instagram (including my favorite roost babes)! One of my favorite Instagram fashion bloggers is Lesley Murphy and one of my favorite boutiques to follow is Called to Surf. Lesley murphy is a travel and fashion blogger. I love how no matter where she is her style is always comfortable but fresh. Called to Surf has a very modest style to their clothing boutique. I think I enjoy seeing their posts because I’m aspiring to be a teacher and all their dresses are perfect for a comfy/cute teacher look. I also love getting new outfit ideas from Pinterest!

When it comes to my personal style soft fabrics and comfort are key for me. In the winter I love jeggings, oversized sweaters, cardigans, cute sneakers, and comfy tees. In the summer I love soft teas, boyfriend shorts, and sandals. My go to style is usually athletic wear. I think it’s great that comfort is so trendy now and that it allows everyone to be comfortable with themselves. My go to outfit is a soft tee, tights, and a cardigan. I feel like this outfit can be dressed up or down. No matter how I wear it when I do, I am comfortable, that’s when I feel like my prettiest self. I do enjoy taking on a more girly style every now and then. For our photoshoot I chose a comfy sweater, a skirt, and jeans. I love a good pair of comfortable jeans, but I enjoy how girly I feel in a skirt. I think fashion is about embracing whatever style makes you feel like your best self.

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