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Well hello there world, it’s me MC, a.k.a Mikayla Cisneroz. Just to introduce myself a little I am 22 years old, my hometown is San Saba, and I am currently a grad student at Angelo State University. I have worked in retail since my freshman year in college and the fashion world is very easily one of my biggest passions. My position at The Roost is, hmmm, photographer slash website editor? Hahaha I take the pictures for the store for them to use on social media and I rearrange our website to make it look super hip (or I try). I also have the new exciting little responsibility of making sure our blog informs you on the things you guys are interested in or curious about. I encourage you, welcome you, beg of you to leave feedback because we are invested in this benefitting you.  

Okay okay, so a little tidbit about my style. I feel like my style is a bit all over the place but sometimes you can catch me rocking that hobo I hope nobody sees me style, which I am sure we can all relate to. I enjoy professional work attire, chill hipster, going out, athleisure wear, and a casual cute look. When I write a piece for the blog I hope that I can show you how to take a piece and make it fit all categories of your style. I feel like a lot of people have their different styles and with that comes different pieces of clothing. However, they don’t know how to use those pieces and make them look cute with more than just one outfit(other than the one you found on pinterest). It is also my hope that when you come to the blog you become more aware of how to style and know what to do and what not to do when putting together outfits.

For my little shoot, I chose a blush sweater. I first paired it with an outfit that I would wear on a night out with my gals and then a more athleisure wear look. To change the outfit to a more casual vibe I added a blue jean jacket and some white sneakers. I definitely think basics are more transversal pieces but prints can be too. Maybe that should be a future blog? Or even how to mix prints?

Anyways, I am super excited to get this blog up and going with feedback of all age groups guiding future posts! Please feel free to give us feedback or tell us things you would be interested in reading a blog over, so DM us on instagram. To me an outfit is more than just clothes, the things you wear send a message to society about who you are as an individual, professional, or whatever role you are filling that day. So, let’s get the most out of our closets and look beautiful while doing so.

My favorite babe blogger is HANDS DOWN @joandkemp !!! Her style is everything to me, I have yet to find another blogger that post consistently amazing content. The outfits she styles definitely take me out of my comfort zone in a good way.

Lots of love,


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