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Hi guys!:) My name is Savannah Morrow, and I have been working for the Roost Boutique for almost a year (in February); however I have been a loyal shopper at the store for quite some time now.  In fact, I shopped here so much that I was offered the job since I was always in the store buying clothes! This is my first ever real job, but I can easily say that I am a good fit for it because of how much I LOVE clothes and fashion and helping others.  

I am originally from Kerrville, Texas in which I attended a private Catholic school from kindergarten all the way through my senior year of high school.  If you know anything about private Catholic schools, there is a classic stereotype that goes with almost all of them...uniforms. That’s right, I had to wear a uniform to school for 13 years of my life, SO I did everything I could to accessorize and make it as cute as I possibly could.  With such strict guidelines, I could really only work with modest hair accessories, various neutral shoes, and my favorite accessory to this day, simple jewelry. With this said, in addition to working at the store, I also make and sell jewelry from my little “business”, SAVvy Styles, which is now available at the Roost!  I have been passionate about making jewelry for years in attempt to accessorize my {boring} school outfits. While I love jewelry from brands like James Avery and Kendra Scott, they can definitely get expensive after a while. So, I started making cute, simple, “school appropriate” jewelry in the 5th grade for my sister and I as a hobby.  My friends all saw it and wanted me to make them some of their own, then their friends wanted some, and it grew from there!

Since I was stuck in a uniform five out of seven days a week for such a long time, the weekends were so much fun for me because I could finally dress up and wear “cool” clothes.  And wow did I take it to the extreme...I will be the first to admit that I have a ridiculous amount of clothes. I just love clothes and shopping and putting together outfits and helping others find clothes that they love too.  In my free time while I’m scrolling through social media, I constantly catch myself on Pinterest pinning cute outfits and styling tips. I predominantly shop at small businesses because I really appreciate the concept of helping out local people/families rather than buying from big businesses in which I have no clue who my money is actually going to.  Half of my closet is from the Roost because I love their clothes so much. Other than supporting the Roost, I shop at other boutiques around San Angelo and in Kerrville along with its surrounding towns. For example, Tomè in Kerrville is great, Ella Blue in Boerne is one of my absolute favorites, as well as Zertz, a cute boutique in Fredericksburg; so definitely check them out if you ever find yourself in the Texas Hill Country!  

Style for me is all about feeling good in what you wear.  I strive to always be put together because it makes me feel so much better during the day.  While it might seem like a lot of work, I promise it is not. Getting up and throwing on a cute outfit, maybe fixing your hair and putting on some makeup will seriously do wonders for both your attitude and your confidence throughout the day.  The outfits that I chose for the photoshoot really capture the main components of my style: neutrals, classic pieces, modest and functional attire, and of course, animal print! I love transitioning and layering pieces so I can change up their functionality.  The cute black top, while it is short sleeve, can easily be paired with a cute (leopard) cardigan to transition from the spring/summer season to the fall/winter season. I am also a big fan of timeless pieces that will never go out of style. For example, Tory Burch sandals are a great basic that you can literally pair with anything.  I wear them with jeans and a nice top or even leggings and a t-shirt. You cannot go wrong with owning a pair of these. Same with a nice purse or belt; if it will last you for years and not go out of style, it is a good investment.

Some of my favorite fashion gurus are Becca Tilley, Joanna Gaines, and Aspyn Ovard.  While they all have different styles, I like to incorporate elements from all three of them!  Fashion is what you want it to be, so make the most of it and have fun putting together outfits that make YOU happy!  Hopefully there is something of value that I said today that you can take away from and help you be the best you in clothing that you love!!

Savannah <3

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