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Hey Roost Babes, it's Jen. My business partner Abby and I are the owners of The Roost Boutique in San Angelo, Tx. We love to talk faith and fashion... but today we are talking... all things STYLE!!!

The secret to great style is to feel good in what you wear

My style is influenced by the season of life I am in. I'm a Christian, wife, mom, business owner, daughter, sister, aunt and a friend. If we are being totally honest my little world is in a constant state of chaos...we are busy with work, taking kids to school, homework, cheering on our Red Raiders, filling bucket lists, vacations and spending time together. So it's important that the clothes I buy and wear are versatile but still reflect who I am. I grew up in San Angelo and once I moved to Lubbock to go to Texas Tech, I learned my small town style wasn't how the big city girls in my sorority dressed. I had to learn to balance my new fashion knowledge with the old. The good thing about style is it's always changing.

Fashion is what you is what you do with it.

I have always been a conservative jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. So, I'm totally pumped that jeans and graphic tee's are a happening trend!!! As I mature, my style has definitely grown as well. I look up trends, add ideas to my Pinterest board, screenshot bloggers and steal clothes from my mom all the time. I'm learning how to dress to flatter my shape and still be true to my quirky side. Through all my years of shopping, I have learned that basics are the foundation of my wardrobe and that my closet is a constant work in progress. There is always a go to outfit to wear anywhere that can easily be transitions to day or night looks with some stand out pieces and layers...lots of layering!!!

My go to basics:                           Stand out pieces:

1. denim!!!                                     1. jackets

2. plain tee's                                 2. shoes

3. button downs                           3. blouses 

4. graphic tee's                            4. accessories   

"I own more button down shirts than I do shoes...there is just so many ways to wear them."                     

    I love a simple, polished look, but realistically some days that doesn't happen...having kids leaves life full of surprises, so there are days when I'm just lucky to have taken a shower. I'm a fan of playing with different trends so I'll throw on a romper with a graphic tee underneath...or a pair of bell bottoms and a girly blouse. It's all about what makes you feel comfortable being you.


    My Date Night with the Hubby Look:

    I took my go to basic chambray button down and tucked it into a pair of dark skinny jeans. My stand out pieces are my leopard print belt and my favorite nude heels. Throw on some chunky jewelry and a smile... and this girl is ready for a night out on the town.

    My at least the kids are cute look:

    Here is my favorite go to button down worn over one of my FAVORITE graphic tees. I do a little front tuck into my skinny jeans or even untucked with some LuLu Roe black leggings and finish off the look with booties or some sneakers.

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